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Illinois Ambush

Youth Basketball Academy

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“Nick has played for 2 other travel teams in the past and Illinois Ambush is by far the best team he played for. I was most impressed with the tournaments that the boys played in! To have these boys from the middle of no where experience that type of talent was terrific. I know Nick enjoyed playing for Illinois Ambush as well. He liked the guys on his team, he liked the coaches, and he was proud to wear the Illinois Ambush uniform. I can tell you from the past that wasn't the case for him. He was proud that he was on a team that didn't have the motto win at any cost! He feels he has learned a lot (as a parent that is what I wanted for him) to learn something new to better himself, either as a person or a player. We can honestly say he learned both!!”

– Vicky Balwin, Indian Creek High School Parent

“Thanks so much for everything the coaches did for all the teams, I know first-hand how much time goes into coaching, practices, scheduling, ordering uniforms, etc. etc. etc. This was the first summer since Joe was little that he didn’t play baseball in the summer and he really enjoyed playing basketball instead. I was impressed at how well our boys played together and got along together. Joe’s made new friends that I feel will last a lifetime!! Thanks again.”

– Anita LaShonse, Mendota Grade School Parent

“I'd like to thank the Ambush staff for all that you have done for Sammy and all the other young men in your program. As far as Sammy is concerned, I can see that his confidence and skill level have increased very much. I am really looking forward to his basketball season this school year. My wife and I also enjoyed following the team and getting to know the other parents. It was truly an enjoyable experience. Thanks.”

– Rick Mitchell, Seneca High School Parent

“I personally want to thank you for taking a chance on Andrew. He completely loved playing for Ambush and with his teammates. His last year of high school had an awesome start to it by being involved in your program. You were very lucky to have such good young men on that team. I do mean young men, not just basketball players. I was impressed at their poise and patience throughout the year. They also had an inner drive that I as a coach could see. That quality in itself is something you love to coach. They all had it. I know Andrew still has a lot of things to work on, but he gained some more confidence, which he needed, and Ambush provided that. Thank you again. I only was able to see a few of the other group’s games, but I know the other kids and parents must feel the same as I do. I am proud to say I was associated with your program.”

– John Walsh, Earlville High School Parent

“Thanks go out to the Ambush coaches. You did a great job with these boys, my son Collin really enjoyed the summer and I think he picked up his game quite a bit in the process. The incredible competition you faced was challenging and helped him improve his game.”

– Mike McLean, Ottawa High School Parent

"Just want to thank you again for letting Scotty be on the team this year. As you know, we were in somewhat of a “pickle” at the beginning of the year without an AAU team, and you took a chance and we truly appreciate it. It was a great experience and I know he truly enjoyed the Ambush program. I know he wants to play at the next level in college and this could certainly be good experience for him. Thanks again!”

– Tim Keith, Normal Community West High School Parent

“Just a quick thanks to the Ambush coaches on an enjoyable season. I can’t tell you how many people at these tournaments said how well coached our kids were. That’s definitely a reflection of the coaches’ time and efforts. Just wanted to say we appreciate all that work and glad we were part of it.”

– Roger Turman, Morris High School Parent